VÚB Kupón

The VÚB Kupón fund was the largest privatisation fund in Slovakia. Penta purchased 17 % of VÚB Kupón shares and later also bought a 35% share owned by VÚB Banka. Penta merged the fund with Intefin Group for the purpose of transforming it to a normal investment company. It then sold off parts of the portfolio which had more than 100 types of stock initially. In the autumn of 1997, Interfin Group divested 55:45 to Istrofin and Intermark. Penta's participation in Istrofin was sold to a leading regional financial investor, Intermark was dissolved and the profit paid out to shareholders.

  • Firma VÚB Kupón
  • Sektor Fundusz Inwestycyjny
  • Rok 1997–1999
  • Lokacja Słowacja, Bratislava
  • Status Zakończony