We invest in the future and specialise in sectors in which we have experience and knowledge. We concentrate on investments with the highest possible value-added and try to give them our undivided attention.

Investments Strategy

We are a long-term value investor. We focus on industries where we have developed understanding of the underlying business drivers. These mainly include healthcare, retail, manufacturing, financial services, media and real estate.

We build platforms and companies with annual EBITDA of EUR 50 million and above.

In the real estate business, we focus on developing office, retail, and residential projects, with the emphasis on high-quality projects, quality urban planning and architecture.

In today’s environment, only best-in-class performance will lead to success. Our resources need to be deployed with focus. Therefore, we are moving towards a smaller number of companies in our portfolio, but ones that are larger and with a longer investment horizon of 10 years or more.

We operate mainly in the CEE region (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Germany).

Key figures 2018 (EUR)

  • Net profit 288 million
  • Cumulative revenue 7.5 billion
  • Total assets 10.4 billion


Fabrice Dumontheil

Chief Financial Officer, Prague

Václav Jirků

Investment Director, Prague

Marián Slivovič

Investment Director, Bratislava