Ten Žabka stores now open in Prague and its region

The chain of Žabka stores is fast expanding. Since April, when Žabka officially entered the Czech market and opened its first store, ten stores, most of them in Prague, are already in operation. The first Žabka out of Prague is in Slaný. After the first stage of location scouting, the company is now accelerating its growth and plans to open at least twenty new stores by the end of the year. In three years, Žabka wants to operate close to 250 stores across the Czech Republic.

"Our goal was to open fifty stores by the end of the year. In addition to the stores which are already open, we presently have more than forty contracts signed for new locations, which we are already starting to adapt to suit our needs. I presume that the majority of newly built stores will open before the end of the year, and our expansion will continue. I expect that Prague could have up to 100 Žabka stores," says Zdeněk Linhart, Managing Director Žabka, a.s., adding: "Our expansion focuses mainly on opening stores in new locations, but we are also open to consideration of takeover of existing stores or smaller chains."

The chain has introduced a new type of retail model to the Czech Republic – "convenience", as it is known globally. These are smaller self-service stores (Žabka’s range from 50 to 100 m2), offering mainly pre-packaged fresh and long-life food and beverages, alcohol, press, toiletries and products of daily consumption. They typically stay open long hours and offer supplemental services, e.g. terminal payment, mobile credit top-ups, etc. Probably the most widely know convenience store in the world is 7–Eleven (Seven Eleven), which has operations in 14 countries.

"Our model of convenience retail means first and foremost convenient and accessible shopping. On top of the basic items, of which Žabka stocks 1,600, our shelves are always stocked with fresh bread, fruit and vegetables, and customers can soon look forward to a broader range of products, as well as of services. Home delivery or online shopping is also on the menu for the future," volunteered Zdeněk Linhart, Managing Director Žabka, a.s.

Žabka stores are open from 6 am until 11 pm daily, including weekends and public holidays. In Prague, the locations are Husitská, Koněvova, Korunní, Maiselova, Poděbradská, Seifertova, Soukenická, Karlovo náměstí and Horoměřice. The first Žabka outside Prague opened in Slaný.

For more information please visit www.izabka.cz.

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