Negotiations of Slovenská záchranná and the Danish Company Falck

Slovenská záchranná in partnership with the Danish company Falck acquired 36 stations of emergency medical and rescue system in the first round of a tender for operation of road emergency health care service. Slovenská záchranná learned about tender results and obtained licenses for the operation of particular stations two weeks ago. The Ministry of Health of the SR determined for each of providers a period of three months for assumption of stations from their present providers and for preparation of individual stations both from personnel and technical aspects.

"Our effort is to agree, first of all, with providers of emergency rescue services, who have operated the stations to date, on continuous taking over of individual stations,” said Ing. Ivo Krpelan, Director General of Falck for Slovakia and added: “we are interested in taking over of the existing technical equipment of the stations and all employees, whom we offer above-standard assessment, high-quality and modern environment as well as possibilities to increase their qualification and professionalism”.

Negotiations with future employees are successfully pending. “Currently, we have already agreed with almost one hundred rescuers and ambulance drivers and 24 physicians, with whom we will enter into employment contracts soon. We are very pleased that also rescuers from other Slovak regions are interested in working for our chain of emergency stations, who are willing to travel to the areas of our operation on a daily basis”, informed MUDr. Jozef Karaš, Director of Slovenská záchranná.

“We are also contented with negotiations concerning technical and spatial equipment of the stations. We are still negotiating with some directors of hospitals on particular lease conditions,” declared Ivo Krpelan and added: “However, we do not perceive the situation critically if we fail to agree with some of them. Final negotiations with suppliers of ambulance cars and medicinal material are also pending. We have also prepared investments for a purchase and lease of real estate outside the hospitals.”

The cooperation and agreement of the hospitals with Slovenská záchranná on the continuous taking over of the technical equipment and personnel of the stations may help the hospitals, particularly, at the time when they are in a poor financial situation, and wage expenses, maintenance expenses, depreciations, and other expenditures relating to superfluous assets and non-usage of ambulance cars would needlessly outflow their funds that the hospitals might transfer to important medical activities.

The objective of the partnership of Slovenská záchranná and the Danish company Falck, the biggest provider of emergency services in Europe is to establish a strong and modern chain of providers of emergency health care services in seven regions of Slovakia, the quality and professionalism of which will be comparable with emergency services provided in developed countries of the European Union.

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