Sky Park

A multipurpose project located on four hectares of land at an attractive location near the center of Bratislava. The project is being developed by Zaha Hadid Architects.

The first residential phase of the project, involving three high-rise buildings on the Čulenova street, is being prepared now and should start as soon as building permits are obtained. More than 800 high quality apartments will be built.

The area around Čulenova street transforms an ex-industrial environment into a recreational zone as the concept counts with minimal built-up area. A new park, covering an area of several thousand square meters, will be part of the development. The project will also include refurbishment of the Jurkovič heating plant's facade, which is a protected historic monument.

  • Sektor Nieruchomości
  • Architekt Zaha Hadid Architects
  • Typ Biura, Residential
  • Lokacja Słowacja, Bratislava
  • Status Faza budowy
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