University Students Can Gain EUR 1,100 for Good Essays

The Penta Foundation Has Announced the 5th Year of the Essay Writing Competition, "VISION 2025".

Daily study students and internal doctorands of all colleges and universities in Slovakia and Czech Republic may participate in the essay writing competition named as "VISION 2025". The competition has already been announced by the Penta Foundation for the fifth time. Subjects of essays, for which students may obtain, according to their positions, from EUR 310 to 1,100 (approx. from SKK 10,000 to 3,000) are currently focused on the following three areas:

1. PRODUCT/SERVICE/INDUSTRY 2025 – What will be the most rapidly and mass-spreading product or service around 2025? What will be a hit and what will be trends in the development and sale of products in 2025?

2. EDUCATION 2025 – What will be the educational system development? What will be the position of education in the value scale of an individual and society? What will be the perspectives of public and private schools?

3. CORPORATION AND MANAGEMENT 2025 – What will be a successful company’s profile and successful manager’s profile? What management system will be effective for companies and businesses?

The competition aim is to provide space for the creation and presentation of original views of the given subjects. The competition does not take into account student’s study results; it is focused primarily on its originality, imaginativeness but also its ability to search for and process relevant information.

Essays up to 5 standard pages will be evaluated by a commission composed of experts of the Penta private equity group. Ivan Klinec of the Prognostic Institute of the SAS will be its Chairman of this year too. Students must send their essays by mail to the Foundation’s address as well via e-mail to no later than May 5, 2008. The Foundation will evaluate the competition and publish its results on its web site by June 5, 2008.

For all years of the VISION 2025 competition, 242 essays in total have been registered so far, of which 44 have been rewarded. The Penta Foundation has distributed the sum of almost EUR 26,000 (SKK 845,000) among students so far. More information about the competition can be found on the Internet site:

Mgr. Peter Húska, manager
Penta Foundation

The Penta Foundation covers all charity and charitable events and projects of the Penta private equity group, which are focused above all on the support of education and educational system development. The Foundation was incorporated in 2002.

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