The Penta Foundation Announced the Eighth Year of the Penta Award for Excellent Study Results

At the beginning of October, the Penta Foundation in cooperation with the University of Economics in Bratislava announced the eighth year of the Penta Award for Excellent Study Results (the "Penta Award), which is intended for students of the last year of the University of Economics. The target of this award is to motivate students of economics to achieve excellent study results. Each of the awarded students will receive financial remuneration of 70,000 SKK.

“The terms and conditions of the Penta Award are set to evaluate the achieved study results of the students, their responsible approach to the study, desire for self-education and professional growth” – specified the conditions for awarding Katarína Stupková, Penta Foundation Manager, and added: “This year we have extended the conditions of the Penta Award by preparation of a short essay on the selected topics from private equity industry. The students may choose a topic as to the contents the most corresponding to the area of study, to which individual faculties of the University of Economics are oriented.”

The students interested in achieving the Penta Award for 2006 may register at individual study departments of the University of Economics by 31 October 2006 provided that they meet the specified criteria.

A selection committee consisting of top academic representatives of the University of Economics and top managers of the private equity group Penta will evaluate the study qualities of all registered students in November. The selection committee will meet with all registered students interested in the Penta Award, who will have an opportunity to present their results achieved, study activities as well as their professional plans for the future at the personal meeting.

Subsequently, the selection committee will select laureates of the Penta Award for Excellent Study Results for 2006, to whom the selection committee will ceremoniously hand over the award and financial remuneration in December.

“In total 93 students registered in all years of the Penta Award. The Penta Foundation awarded 37 of them,” informed about statistics of awarding Katarína Stupková and added: “The Foundation distributed the amount of almost 2 million SKK (1,970,000 SKK) among the students awarded.” (In the seventh year of the Penta Award the Foundation increased the original remuneration of 50,000 SKK to 70,000 SKK.)

This year the Penta Foundation also announces the fourth year of a similar competition in the Czech Republic.

For the academic year of 2006/2007, the selection committee specified the following terms and conditions individual candidates for the “Penta Award for Excellent Study Results” have to comply with:

  • the student must be duly registered in the last year of a senior stage of a full-time study
  • the student must have completed all exams from the previous study
  • average results for the previous study must be 1.30 or better (a simple arithmetic average)
  • the student must be fluent in English and other world language Preparation of an essay to the extent of 3 to 4 pages on one of the following topics is a part of obligatory conditions for granting the “Penta Award for Excellent Study Results”:
  1. Macro-Economic Contribution of Private Equity Companies
  2. Private Equity as a Part of an Institutional Investor’s Investment Portfólio
  3. Pros and Cons of IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) in a Private Equity Company
  4. Sources of Competitive Advantage of Private Equity Companies in Global Competition
  5. Basic Principles and Tools of Marketing Communication of Private Equity Industry in Slovakia Concurrently, the student has to comply with at least one of the following conditions:
  • the student must actively publish within the scope of his / her study
  • the student must be active in scientific work within the scope of his / her study
  • the student must have been to a professional study (not language) stay abroad
  • the student must be actively involved in any sport
  • the student ha achieved a success in an international competition in his / her field

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