The Essay Writing Competition VÍZIA 2020 Intended for All University Students

Yesterday, the Penta Foundation announced the third year of the essay writing competition VÍZIA 2020 intended for full-time students and internal inceptors of all universities in the Slovak and Czech Republics.

“The objective of the VÍZIA 2020 competition is to provide space for the creation and presentation of creative and original views on certain topics,” said the Penta Foundation Manager Katarína Remiašová and added: “The competition does not take a student’s study results into account; however, it focuses on the student’s creativity, originality, and ability to find and process information.”

A selection committee chaired by Ing. Ivan Klinec of Prognostický ústav Slovenskej akadémie vied (Institute for Forecasting Slovak Academy of Sciences) is composed of experts of the private equity group Penta and representatives of selected universities. The committee will evaluate and award the best authors of essays on individual topics as follows:

1st place:      35,000 SKK
2nd place:     20,000 SKK
3rd place:      10,000 SKK

This year, the foundation has announced the following three topics for the preparation of essays:

1. “INDUSTRY 2020” – or – which industry of economy or product will be the most growing and successful in 2020? What factors will influence its success?
2. “ENTERTAINMENT 2020” – or – how will a world of entertainment industry and media look like in 2020? What factors will influence the development of these areas? How will entertainment be distributed and what will be a blockbuster of the entertainment industry in 2020?
3. “MOTIVATION 2020” – or – how to constitute and properly motivate a successful and efficient work team in 2020? What factors will influence an employee’s satisfaction and motivation in 2020?

Concurrently the Penta Foundation has announced a special award for the topic “SOCIAL SYSTEM 2020” (or how will a social system look like in 2020), which topic will be evaluated by a special committee. “The committee will only award the best essay addressing the given topic, the author of which will be awarded 40,000 SKK”, specified Katarína Remiašová.

20 April 2006 is the deadline for delivery of the essays on all topics. The selection committee will announce results of the third year of the ‘VÍZIA 2020’ competition on 31 May 2006 at the latest.
For further information about the ‘VÍZIA 2020’ competition, please visit the web site

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