Support of Classes for Highly Gifted Children

The Penta Foundation in cooperation with the School for Highly Gifted Children and the Secondary Grammar School in Bratislava announced the 2nd year of the Grant, for which all primary schools in Slovakia that have created classes for highly gifted children in their schools and that implement a project of Alternative Care for Highly Gifted Children, may apply (the “Grant”).

“We have been pleasantly surprised by a high interest of individual schools in participating in the first year of the Grant announced at the end of the last year and by a very good quality of the projects submitted”, informed Katarína Remiašová, Penta Foundation manager and added: “therefore, we have decided to continue our support of highly gifted children in Slovakia through announcing the second year of the Grant and financing the selected projects prepared by schools.”

19 May 2006 is a deadline for submitting projects. The submitted projects must be oriented on the support of enhancement and improving the quality of educational system of classes for highly gifted children with a view to increase an interest, motivation, and desire of pupils for additional education and independent collection of additional information.

“The Penta Foundation will attempt to consider a level of combination, association and utilization of several school subjects, scientific and social areas in individual projects” specified the purpose of the Grant Katarína Remiašová.

All projects will be evaluated by a selection committee consisting of representatives of the Penta Foundation and experts in the field of education system and work with intellectively gifted children.

“In evaluating the projects, the commission will first focus on compliance with basic criteria being observation of the purpose of the Grant, project timeliness, and engagement through potential financial co-participation. The commission will also evaluate the project development and compliance with formal requisites of a request for the Grant”, specified Jolana Laznibatová, a committee member and directress of the School for Highly Gifted Children in Bratislava.

The Penta Foundation will announce results of the Grant at the end of June 2006 and award the first six most successful projects that will obtain financial support in the total amount of 400,000 SKK divided according to particular positions:

1st place:150,000 SKK
2nd place:100,000 SKK
3rd place:60,000 SKK
4th – 6th place:30,000 SKK

Twenty-two (out of 24) primary schools with classes for highly gifted children registered in the first year of the Grant announced at the end of the last year, which sent 29 projects. In the first year of the Grant, the Foundation divided the total amount of 260,000 SKK.

The Grant is not intended for the School for Highly Gifted Children and the Secondary Grammar School in Bratislava, which the Foundation supports separately.

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