Slovenská záchranná and the Danish Company Falck Will Create an Ambulance Service Chain

Slovenská záchranná in cooperation with the Danish partner Falck, the biggest provider of emergency services in Europe, will build up a chain of emergency health care stations in seven Slovak regions.

In the first round of a tender for the operation of road emergency health care service, Slovenská záchranná acquired 36 stations of emergency medical and rescue system.

“In partnership with Falck we will establish a strong and modern chain of providers of emergency health care services. Their quality and professionalism will be comparable with emergency services in developed countries of the European Union,” specified the intentions of the company MUDr. Jozef Karaš, Director of Slovenská záchranná.

“We have been gaining experience in the field of provision of emergency services for almost one hundred years and, comprehensibly, we will apply the same to Slovakia. Connection of precise knowledge of environment of the Slovak health service system and strong financial background of Slovenská záchranná on one side and Falck’s long experience and know-how in managing a chain of emergency health care stations on the other side is an advantage of the joint partnership”, added Ivo Krpelan, Director of Falck for the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The first stage of establishing the professional chain of emergency health care services will require inevitable investments amounting to approximately one hundred million Crowns.

“Investments we bring will be directed to a purchase and modernization of a rolling stock and technical equipment of individual stations. An important area in which we will invest big money is employees, their motivation, education, and professional growth,” informed Jozef Karaš. In the area of education of employees in emergency services, Slovenská záchranná intends to build up an educational and training center in Slovakia similar to one operated by Falck abroad.

Priority of each emergency health care station is to get to an injured or patient as soon as possible, give him first aid, stabilize him, and, if necessary, transfer him as quickly and safely as possible to the nearest hospital, where he will be provided with further health care. More complex and efficient arrangement and management of those steps in particular regions is an advantage of the chain of emergency health care stations. “Individual stations within the chain will be connected to a single information and communication system. They will be technically and materially strengthened so that all of them are at the same level and comply with high European standards”, supplemented advantages of the chain Jozef Karaš. Another advantage of the chain is introduction and utilization of single modern medical procedures, sharing of managerial and professional experience, as well as increase of efficiency in the financial and organizational fields.

The Ministry of Health of the SR announced the tender for the operation of the road emergency health care service on 13 April 2005.

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