Private equity group Penta: The Ministry of Transport concealed serious facts before the AMO

A study that may have a key importance to evaluation of a concentration of the Bratislava and Vienna airports has not reached the Anti-Monopoly Office. A reference ( is placed on the Internet page of the German consultancy company Symbios, which reference confirms that this company effectuated a study for the Bratislava airport aimed at evaluation of its further development.

"We are convinced that the study contains exact information that might be relevant for the AMO in respect of a question to what extent these two airports mutually effectively compete," said the partner of the Penta group Jozef Oravkin.

At a negotiation of representatives of the Consortium and representatives of the Ministry of Transport, Posts, and Telecommunications (the MTPT), held on 23 August 2006, the Consortium appealed to the MTPT to provide the AMO with all information that could facilitate a positive decision. Despite that the MTPT has not disclosed the study at issue to the AMO to date.

The Ministry of Transport as a 100% owner of the Bratislava airport has, through its representatives in executive, statutory, and supervisory bodies of the company, an access to all information, particularly, of such a serious nature.

"Pursuant to the valid privatization agreement, we are calling upon the Minister of Transport to immediately disclose the study to the Anti-Monopoly Office as well as to the representatives of the Consortium Two One. At the same time we are pointing out that until the study is reviewed in details by all parties, we shall consider the decision by the AMO in the matter of the concentration as well as a withdrawal by public authorities, if any, from the agreement to be a gross breach of the obligations of the state and investor’s rights," said Jozef Oravkin.

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