Penta Insists on Transparency in Disposal of Property of the Bratislava Airport

The private equity group Penta insists on a transparent procedure in further deciding on development of the Bratislava airport. This results from a letter addressed by Penta to the Minister of Transport, Posts, and Telecommunications of the SR, Ľubomír Vážny on Friday 29 June 2007. Penta thus responds to the information promoted in the media, based on which the Minister of Transport adopted a decision on disposal of property of BTS in construction of congress halls, hotels, facilities or development of other services on lands of the airport.

"We are convinced that only transparent public tender among potential interested parties will provide for the highest possible income from cooperation with investors at a lucrative state property. Even therefore we have referred to the Minister to guarantee such a procedure," said Jozef Oravkin, a partner of the private equity group Penta.

Penta also advises that a failure to comply with the transparent procedure could result in provision of prohibited state aid and a breach of obligations resulting from the membership in the European Union.

"We expect that future investors be selected in an open and non-discriminating tender, in which all interested parties will be provided sufficient time for the preparation of their bids we well as all required information necessary for a due evaluation of property," Jozef Oravkin added.

Pursuant to the Act on Free Access to Information (No. 211/2000 Coll.) Penta requested the Minister of Transport to make a whole range of information relating to a proposal of development of property of the airport and procedures available in negotiations with potential investors.

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