Penta and Schneider agreed on a partnership

The Penta Investment Group and Robert Schneider, the sole owner of the Schneider Group, have agreed on a partnership in their activities within the meat processing industry. The partnership concerns the Schneider and Mecom Groups and includes a change in ownership structure.

Both companies are active in production, distribution, and sale of meat products in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. Transaction details have not been published and its completion is subject to approval by the Anti-monopoly Office and fulfilment of conditions precedent.

Penta has been active in the meat processing industry since 2008, when it purchased the largest producer in Slovakia, Mecom Group, and one of the leading producers in Hungary, Debreceni Group. Penta currently operates 5 meat processing plants. The cumulative revenue from meat processing operations controlled by Penta has reached EUR 220 million in 2010.

The Schneider - Group has been active in the meat processing industry for twenty years, is the biggest producer of smoked-meat products in the Czech Republic and runs one of the most modern operations in the EU. It also operates one of the largest specialised butcher shop chains. The cumulative revenue of the group has reached EUR 170 million in 2010.

"Our agreement is an important step in the consolidation of meat producers in the Central Europe. Our partnership opens up new opportunities for a number of synergies, possibilities for expansion to new markets and strengthening of our positions on the existing ones," said Iain Child, a partner in Penta, and Robert Schneider.

About the Schneider - Group

  • The Schneider – Group has been founded 20 years ago by brothers Robert and Josef Schneiders. Robert Schneider has been its sole owner since 2003.
  • The group has approximately 1,600 employees and its portfolio includes the following companies: Masokombinát Plzeň – the largest producer of smoked-meat products in Bohemia, using the brand name of Schneider, and MUSP – a chain of approximately 100 specialised butcher shops offering meat, smoked-meat and delicatessen under the Zeman brand, plus other related companies (logistics, slaughter houses).
  • The Group's revenue exceeds CZK 4.2 billion (approx. EUR 170 million). After extensive investment into new facilities, technology and development, Masokombinát Plzeň ranks among the most modern operations of its kind in the EU. Its main products include ham, ham specialities, as well as pre-cut and packed smoked meat products for supermarkets.

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