International Conference on High Ability

The School for Highly Gifted Children and the Secondary Grammar School in Bratislava and the Penta Foundation, under the auspices of the Ministry of Education of the SR, organize the 4th year of the international conference named “Particularities in Development and Implementation of Potential of Highly Gifted Children” that will be held on 11th and 12th November 2005 in the Kormorán Hotel in Čilistov near Bratislava.

The conference is held every other year as a supplementation of the international conference of the European Council for High Ability (ECHA) organized and covered by the European Council for High Ability.

“The objection of the conference is to create a space and platform for exchange of experience and know-how in the field of education of children endowed with intellect at home and abroad and at the same time to bring a new perspective on development aspects and expressions of those children”, specified targets of the conference Katarína Remiašová, Penta Foundation Manager.

The conference is aimed at particularities in development of highly gifted children and practical experience in work with those children in Slovakia and abroad. “Due to implementation of the project of Alternative Care for Highly Gifted Children proceeding at the School for Highly Gifted Children in Bratislava and in 25 classes in Slovakia, Slovakia is considered a developed country applying one of the most complex systems of education of highly gifted children in the world and it is an example to other countries, which more and more realize a need and significance of a special approach to those children,” said Jolana Laznibatová, Directress of the School for Highly Gifted Children, and she added that “the international conference is a small celebration of the project, because the first students of our school will graduate this school-year and we will thus successfully complete a complex continuous education of highly gifted pupils from the first class of a primary school up to A levels”.

Approximately 130 domestic and foreign participants have enlisted in the conference, to whom 33 experts, of which 17 from foreign countries, will lecture during two days.

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