Evaluation - Grant for Classes for Highly Gifted Children

The selection committee consisting of representatives of the private equity group Penta and experts in the field of education system and work with intellectively gifted children evaluated the 1st year of the grant intended for schools with classes for highly gifted children in Slovakia, announced by the Penta Foundation.


1st place

ZŠ at sv. Gorazda, Žilina
Financial support: 100,000 SKK
Project “Cestovanie časom” (“Traveling Against Time”) – application of acquired knowledge, creation, implementation and experiencing of common experience according to particular classes in the world of dinosaurs, undersea world, and ancient times through the creation of those worlds in the premises of the school and obtaining information and experience outside the school.

2nd place

ZŠ at Budovateľská Street, Martin
Financial support: 60,000 SKK
Project “Environmentálna výchova” (“Environmental Education”) – retrieval of a positive attitude to environment through discovering meaning of natural resources, observation of diversity of plant and animal species in the region, recognition of air and water conditions and their effect on human health.

3rd place

ZŠ at Mariánska Street, Prievidza
Financial support: 40,000 SKK
Project “Výskumom k poznaniu” (“Recognition Through Research”) – acquisition of new knowledge, verification of scientific knowledge, and development of research skills and abilities in a real laboratory by means of observation, examination, and experiments.

4th place

ZŠ at Tríbečská Street, Topoľčany
Financial support: 20,000 SKK
Project “Po Dunaji do sveta” (“To the World Along the Danube”) – examination and observation of the flow of the Danube from the geographical, historical, scientific, and mathematical aspects through application of theoretical and practical knowledge from various scientific disciplines.

5th place

ZŠ at Nižná brána, Kežmarok
Financial support: 20,000 SKK
Project “Tradície remesiel” (“Traditions of Crafts”) – acquaintance with crafts and traditions by non-traditional way through the study of literature, excursions, lectures, creation of own craft shops and craft market.

6th place

ZŠ at Benkova Street, Nitra
Financial support: 20,000 SKK
Project “Trinásta komnata” (“The Thirteenth Chamber”) – support of education of pupils, more creative way of education, self-study and acquiring new knowledge by means of establishing own high-quality encyclopedic library and study room.

Evaluation criteria of the Grant

The projects submitted have been considered based on the following principal criteria:

1. fulfillment of the purpose of the Grant – mark 0.6
2. time efficacy of the project (duration) – mark 0.2
3. co-financing – mark 0.2

The committee evaluated the projects according to the factors such as:

  • contribution towards the development of pedagogical and educational processes for the highly gifted children
  • increase of interest, motivation, and enthusiasm of pupils for education
  • creativity and originality
  • broad-spectrum and multi-functionality of the project in application of several subjects and areas of education
  • appropriateness, adequacy, and inevitability of required investments to achieve the objective of the project and grant
  • possibility to share know-how and application of the project idea within the project of Alternative Care for Highly Gifted Children
  • possibility of long-term application of the project idea and rate of moral and technical obsolescence of the project
  • possibility to co-finance the project
  • project demandingness for additional investments
  • project perspective
  • project quality

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