Basics of Economics for Students of Journalism

Authors of the best seminar works from among students of journalism have been awarded for the fourth time. It is a common project of teaching "Basics of Economics in Journalistic Practice", arranged by the Penta Foundation, the College of Journalism of the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Comenius, and the weekly business magazine Trend.

"Our common objective is to familiarize students of the third year with the basics of economics, finance, and commercial law for the needs of their future practice in media" – said doc. PhDr. Jozef Vatrál, PhD., head of the College of Journalism, and added: "Basics of economics are an inevitable part of professional skills of every journalist, either dealing with culture, sports, or politics. We have decided for the cooperation with experts from practice and economical journalism not only because the students will get more practical perspective by a combination of theory and practice but also in order to increase students’ interest in working in economical editorial offices or media."

The course of the Basics of Economics run during the winter semester and ended with an examination. Individual economic topics were presented by experts from the private equity group Penta.

"The students attended to lectures presented on interesting topics from the area of economical theory, capital market, bank sector, entrance of foreign investors, restructuring of companies, and practical economical journalism," informed Ms. Katarína Stupková, Penta Foundation Manager, and added: "A structure of individual lectures was prepared so that the students had not only an opportunity to gain not only theoretical basics and information but also a chance to combine the theory and long-lasting practical experience of the experts. The lectures were accompanied with interesting discussions."

The students prepared seminar works in the form of essays dealing with an economic problem. The works were evaluated both from the professional point of view and from the aspect of journalistic processing so that the information is used professionally correctly, has logical successiveness, and is interesting with an added value for a reader.

A commission consisting of experts from the College of Journalism, the private equity group Penta, and the weekly magazine Trend selected three best seminar works. The winner gained a monthly stipendiary practical training in the weekly magazine Trend.

Placement of students / authors of the best seminar works:
1st place: Tomáš Mašek – seminar work: How to Eliminate Bribery in the Health Sector?
2nd place: René Medzihradský – seminar work: Trends in Modern Banking
3rd place: Zuzana Kaplánová – seminar work: Contributions and Deficiencies of Health Sector Reform

During the ceremonial evaluation, Penta Foundation delivered a symbolic cheque in the amount of 100,000 SKK for a purchase of computers for the needs of the College to the College of Journalism of the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Comenius in Bratislava.

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