Basic School Máj II accepted a donation of 200,000 CZK from the Penta Foundation

On Saturday 12 February 2005, the representatives of the Penta Foundation delivered a financial donation of 200,000 CZK to the management of the Basic School Máj II in České Budějovice, for partial covering of specific needs of the whole school, predominantly, to support start-up of education of highly gifted children. Small abecedarians will start the initial year for highly gifted children in September 2005.

According to its wish, the school may utilize the donation for a purchase of teaching aids to a classroom for highly gifted children (computer or projection technology), purchase of pupils’ literature and teaching software programs.

“Last but not least, the donated funds will contribute to cover expenses on study stays and consultations of our pedagogues at a similar school in Bratislava, where the project of education of highly gifted children has been successfully developing for several years and from which school we draw valuable experience,” PaedDr. Marie Nedvědová, Directress of ZŠ Máj II says.

“The Penta Foundation has been supporting the education of highly gifted children in Slovakia for several years, therefore, we are aware that it requires a special approach, seeking out a suitable concepts and many discussions with professionals from practice and academia and state-executive fields,” Martin Kúšik, chairman of the Managing Board of the Penta Foundation, said.

“We are happy that in České Budějovice, enthusiastic teachers in cooperation with the city have successfully moved the similar project so far head and we wish to continue supporting efforts of the Basic School Máj in the next years,” Martin Kúšik added.

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