U:fon has arrived into the Czech Republic

The first commercial launch of a CDMA2000 Rev A network in Europe: U:fon has arrived into the Czech Republic

MobilKom, the U:fon network operator, has launched its pilot commercial operation

Starting today, the Czech Republic has a new telecommunications operator. Based on CDMA2000 technology, the new operator will primarily offer the fastest mobile internet in the Czech Republic and an alternative to fixed lines. It is the first commercial use of CDMA2000 Rev A technology in Europe. MobilKom, the U:fon network operator, belongs to the private equity group Penta.

High Speed Mobile Internet
“We are bringing four different products that we feel customers are interested in and which have been lacking to date. Thanks to our technology, we can offer higher standard services for lower prices,” said MobilKom CEO, Lubos Borik.

Wireless Fixed Lines
As well as data, U:fon is also offering wireless fixed lines. “Calling within the U:fon network will be free for everyone, not just as a part of an introductory offer, but permanently. Customers can thus, for example, connect their entire family and call free of charge, unlimited, all over the Czech Republic,” emphasises Marek Slacik, the MobilKom Chief Officer for Marketing and Sales.

At present the U:fon network only covers a part of the Czech Republic. However, Lubos Borik adds: “In line with our earlier declaration, we’ve decided to enter the market with only partial coverage in order to make our services available as soon as possible. The nationwide coverage as well as the sales campaign is planned for the end of summer.” And Zbyněk Vins, MobilKom Chief Technical Officer, reminds that: “New base stations are being set up every day and the network is growing fast. We want to cover 50% of the population by July and 70% by August. The U:fon network should be accessible to most of the population by the end of the year.“

Simple Installation

No matter what tariff or service you have, one of the major advantages of U:fon is simple installation, which requires no intervention in customer apartments (such as the installation of cables). “We do not focus only on large cities, but we also want to bring high speed internet to small towns and villages, where people have little choice at the moment,” says Lubos Borik.

CDMA2000 Rev A Technology

The U:fon network was developed on the basis of CDMA2000 technology, which is considered as a third generation mobile network (the GSM networks are considered second generation). “We’re extremely proud that U:fon is the first operator to commercially introduce CDMA2000 Rev A technology in Europe. This technology allows us to offer higher standard services at lower prices thanks to lower costs for the construction of the entire network,” explains MobilKom CEO, Lubos Borik. CDMA networks offer higher capacity and quality for voice and data transmission and are widely used, especially in Japan, South Korea and the USA. They are also gradually becoming more common in Europe.

Digital Radio Transmitters
Apart from the products mentioned above, another new product, that doesn’t exist in the Czech Republic yet, will be introduced in September: nationwide digital radio transmitters. “This is a new generation of intelligent radio transmitters that will be accessible across the Czech Republic. This means users will no longer be restricted by local access to radio networks, but will be able to communicate from opposite ends of the Czech Republic in digital quality,” describes Marek Slacik, the MobilKom Executive Director for Sales and Marketing.

Mobile Voice
For the time being, U:fon is not planning to offer mobile voice. “Of course our technology enables mobile phone operation, but we want to focus on network development first, so that the network is accessible to everyone as soon as possible. Offering mobile calls only make sense with full coverage,” adds MobilKom CEO, Lubos Borik.

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