Slovenská záchranná and the Danish Company Falck Have Begun the Operation of a Chain of Ambulance Centers

Slovenská záchranná will jointly with the Danish partner Falck being the biggest provider of emergency health care services in Europe, establish a chain of emergency health care stations in seven Slovak regions.

Since 1 March 2006, Slovenská záchranná has started the operation of 12 emergency health care stations (Hlohovec, Žilina, Rajec, Dolný Kubín, Liptovský Mikuláš, Krajná Poľana, Svidník, Giraltovce, Stropkov, Dobšiná, Rožňava, and Plešivec).

Slovenská záchranná is gradually going to launch other stations commencing on 1 April 2006. All 36 stations will be launched in the specified deadline at the beginning of May.

Ambulances Worth 90 Million

Individual stations are at different technical, personal, and equipment levels; therefore, all stations require not only initial investments but also continuous investments in establishment of the stations that will reach the same developed level furnished with modern technology.

The company has invested almost 90 million SKK in a purchase of new ambulances complying with demanding EU standards and which are the most modern ones in Slovakia. Slovenská záchranná is allocating the first 20 new ambulances to the completely new stations or to those, ambulances of which are in a bad condition. The company will step by step replace old ambulances with new ones in all 36 stations.

Investments in the Acquired Stations

The total expenses that Slovenská záchranná has invested so far and will invest in the stations acquired in the 1st round total to almost 150 million SKK.

With respect to majority of the acquired stations, representatives of Slovenská záchranná have agreed with the original providers of emergency health care services upon continuous assumption of the stations from technical, spatial, and personal aspects. Three stations (Dechtice, Koškovce, Čaňa) are new, they have not existed until now. It will be required to completely build up these stations. Other stations require arrangement of either new premises or a car pool or personnel.

441 First-Rate Experts Work for Us

Slovenská záchranná will also arrange personnel for its stations by the deadline set by law. Almost 441 physicians, rescuers, and drivers have signed employment contracts with Slovenská záchranná as at 15 March 2006. Approximately 150 physicians and rescuers are at the stage of preparation of signing employment contracts and negotiation with new employees. Many rescuers from other regions of Slovakia, who are willing to commute to areas, where the company operates, expressed their interest in working with Slovenská záchranná. Slovenská záchranná offers all employees above-standard evaluation, high-quality and modern environment, and possibilities for increasing their qualification and expertise.

In the area of education of employees in the emergency health care system, Slovenská záchranná will create a space for its employees to participate in educational and training programs organized by the Danish company Falck within its education know-how abroad. At the same time, the company intends to cooperate with schools preparing rescuers for practice and support additional training and educational programs.

Slovenská záchranná has acquired 36 emergency health care stations, of which 27 emergency health care stations (with medical staff and a physician) and 9 emergency rescue stations (with medical staff), in the first round of the tender for operation of ground emergency health care services, announced by the Ministry of Health of the SR in April 2005. After results of the first round of the tender had been announced, the company obtained valid and effective licenses for the operation of the acquired stations at the beginning of February 2006. The law prescribes Slovenská záchranná a three-month period for the commencement of the operation of its individual stations, i.e., by the beginning of May 2006.

Slovenská záchranná has applied for other 70 stations in the second round of the tender, which stations extend and supplement the regions already acquired. Three quarters of those stations are green-field stations that will be newly constructed. Investments in the expected number of stations in the second round of the tender will exceed 300 million SKK.

The objective of the partnership of Slovenská záchranná and the Danish company Falck, the biggest provider of emergency health care services in Europe, is to establish a strong and modern chain of providers of emergency health care services, quality and professionalism of which will be comparable with services provided in the developed countries of European Union.

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