Penta Private Equity Group Has Commenced the Construction of the Second Stage of the Digital Park Administrative Centre

On Thursday, January 24, 2008, a ceremonial knocking on the foundation stone of the second stage of the new business centre construction commenced at 6:00 p.m. in premises of the Digital Park at Einsteinova Street in Bratislava. The project consists of 4 mutually interconnected buildings, which will altogether provide more than 40,400 m2 of leasable area, of which 36,000 m2 office area.

“We have very thoroughly devoted ourselves to the concept of an architectural design, building facilities, and compared similar projects not only in Bratislava. We are prepared to provide, with a comparable height of rent, a much higher standard than other projects,” Juraj Šaštinský, Director of the Real Estate Department of Penta Investments said.

The author of stage II of the project is the well-known architectural atelier, CMA (Cigler Marani Architects) from Prague.

Main Benefits of the Digital Park:

  • excellent position and visibility
  • new transportation connection
  • above-standard ratio of parking stalls
  • timeless architecture
  • high developer standard

The first stage of the Digital Park project has been implemented with total capital expenses exceeding EUR 16 million, by which 9600 m2 of office and 2100 m2 of retail premises have been created. In September, 2006, the Digital Park was finally approved; its premises are for 100% leased. The 2nd stage of the project should be completed in the first quarter of 2009; total investments will reach more than EUR 60 million.

Penta in Real Estate:

In March 2005, the new branch, Penta Real Estate, was created with the aim to use the growing potential of the real estate sector in Slovakia, Bohemia, as well as in surrounding countries. Penta is interested, in the next few years, to reinvest approximately EUR 600 million in the construction of office premises, above-standard housing, and business premises in Bratislava:

  • The Port – Lamačská brána. On the area of 110 ha, a business and entertainment centre will be constructed in the 1st stage. Investments should reach approximately EUR 280 million. Housing construction is also planned in the second stage.
  • Planned construction of polyfunctional facilities in Ružinov on the area of 1 ha in the volume of EUR 50 million;
  • Planned construction of family houses on 20 ha of land in Záhorská Bystrica in the volume of EUR 50 million;
  • Intention to bring top world architecture in the area of housing and administration on newly-acquired 4-hectare lands in the area of BAT, where Penta plans to reinvest approximately EUR 150 million.

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