Penta Investments Offers 1 Billion SKK to the Capital Bratislava for Lands Between Old and Harbor Bridges in Petržalka

Penta Investments Offers 1 Billion SKK to the Capital Bratislava for Lands Between Old and Harbor Bridges in Petržalka

Last Friday, 30 June 2006, Penta Investments submitted an offer for a purchase of lands in Petržalka, between Old (Starý) and Harbor (Prístavný) Bridges, to the City Council of the capital Bratislava. It concerns lands on which the City Council is deciding these days with a view to sell them. “We have offered a purchase price of 9,100 SKK / 1m2 for those lands to the City Council. The total purchase price for the lands at issue would thus represent an investment in the total amount of almost 1 billion SKK,” said Mgr. Jozef Oravkin, partner of Penta Investments, a.s.

Penta has learned about a possibility to purchase the lands at issue from media. “We are prepared to negotiate our offer,” specified Jozef Oravkin and added: “we believe that representatives will approach to the solution of the present situation transparently and responsibly so that all procedures comply with Slovak and European legislation.”
Penta intends to develop the said area further to a city zoning plan and observe a functional and spatial regulation of the territory, including transport and conditions of connecting to service connections.

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