Bratislava Airport: The Vienna Airport, RZB and the Slovak private equity group Penta in one consortium

The consortium "Airport TwoOne" consisting of the joint-stock company Vienna airport, Raiffeisen Zentralbank Austria, AG (RZB), and Penta Investments Limited participates in a privatization tender for airports, Letisko M. R. Štefánika Bratislava, a.s., and Letisko Košice, a.s. The consortium under the charges of the Vienna Airport AG delivered its bids for both announced tenders to the Slovak Ministry of Transport, Posts, and Telecommunications yesterday.

One of the most successful operators of airports in the Central Europe – the Vienna Airport will contribute its international know-how to the consortium. RZB has great experience in privatizations and public private partnership – projects as well as proved expertise in the area of the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), where it has been pursuing its business for almost 50 years. The private equity group Penta is considered one of the most important private equity groups operating in the CEE region.

On the basis of strong growth impulses in the Vienna – Niederösterreich – Bratislava region, the consortium “Airport TwoOne” expects great possibilities for economic development of the Vienna and Bratislava airports. The number of passengers in this area will increase from almost 16 million at present to approximately 30 million passengers in 2015. This market may be very well utilized by way of narrow cooperation of the Vienna and Bratislava airports. A concept of the consortium also reckons with transportation and technical connection of Vienna to the city and Bratislava airport through City Airport Train (CAT). Thereby, the access of Austrian passengers to the Bratislava airport will be facilitated.

The Košice airport is to be modernized and constructed so that it complies with economic and tourist needs of the region.


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