Awards for Excellent Students of Economics

Six students received the Penta Academic Excellence Award (Penta Award) yesterday, which was awarded for the seventh time by the Penta Foundation in cooperation with the University of Economics in Bratislava.

The Penta Award is intended for students of the last year of the University of Economics and its objective is to motivate students to achieve excellent academic results. Each of the awarded students received financial award in the amount of 70,000 SKK.

“We understand investing in young people as investing in the future. We perceive development of entrepreneurial sphere and development of entire society in young, quality, and erudite experts having potential to change things for the better.” – specified the purport of announcing the Penta Award Katarína Remiašová, the Penta Foundation Manager.

Fifteen students from all faculties of the University of Economics in Bratislava registered to participate in the seventh year of the competition. “The students had to meet demanding selective criteria that had been set to evaluate their excellent academic results achieved to date, responsible approach to their studies, and their desire for self-education and professional growth” – supplemented the conditions Katarína Remiašová.

A selection committee consisting of the top academic representatives of the University of Economics and top managers of the private equity group Penta selected the six best students from the group of registered students. The students had an opportunity to present their academic results, study activities, and professional plans for the future at a face-to-face meeting with committee members. All students presented high professional level, skillfulness, ambitiousness, and wide range of interests.

“Awards to our students are also awards to our University”, said prof. Ing. Kajetana Hontyová, PhD., Vice-Chancellor of the University of Economics for Education and added that “feedback from entrepreneurial environment has confirmed us a good quality of preparedness of our students for practice also due to various forms of additional education and possibilities of domestic and foreign study stays, for which the University creates a space and of which our students more and more take advantage.”

The following students were awarded in the seventh year of the Penta Academic Excellence Award and received the award of 70,000 SKK:

  • Bičanová Mária (Faculty of Company Management)
  • Ertelová Dominika (Faculty of Commerce)
  • Strelková Simona (Faculty of Commerce)
  • Sušková Klaudia (Faculty of Commerce)
  • Vitková Veronika (Faculty of Commerce)
  • Stanová Nadežda (Faculty of National Economy)
On this occasion, the Penta Foundation gave a donation in the amount of 200,000 SKK to the University of Economics.

This year the Penta Foundation will also announce the third year of a similar competition in the Czech Republic under the name “Cena Penty za vynikajíci studijní výsledky” (the “Penta Academic Excellence Award”).

Up to the present, the Foundation has awarded 46 students.

The following are binding terms and conditions for the seventh year of the “Penta Academic Excellence Award” intended for the students of the University of Economics in Bratislava

For the academic year 2005/2006, the selection committee specified the following terms and conditions that each individual candidate for the “Penta Academic Excellence Award” has to comply with:

  • the student must be duly registered in the last year,
  • the student must have completed all exams from the previous study
  • average results for the previous study must be 1.30 or better (a simple arithmetic average)
  • the student must be fluent in English and other world language
Concurrently, the student has to comply with at least one of the following conditions:
  • the student must have published within the scope of his / her study
  • the student must be active in scientific work within the scope of his / her study
  • the student must have been to a study stay abroad
  • the student must be actively involved in any sport
  • the student have achieved a success in an international competition in his / her field

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