Záhorské sady

Záhorské Sady offers premium land and terraced houses at an exclusive location in Bratislava. The Záhorské Sady district brings comfortable living in a cultivated residential complex located at the foot of the Little Carpathians.

There is 186,000 square meters of land for sale to construct detached houses on plots starting at 600 square meters. The project also includes 34 terraced houses, with a further 47 being prepared for construction. The estimated investment into the project is €37 million.

Utilities and roads have already been constructed at Záhorské Sady and customers will also find a children’s playground, recreation area around a stream, hedges and the entire grounds and land fenced off.

  • Sektor Nieruchomości
  • Architekt Serie Architects
  • Typ Land Development
  • Lokacja Słowacja, Bratislava
  • Status Zakończony
Strony projektu
  • Back to Nature

    Walk through neighbourhood gates directly into the Little Carpathian mountains.

  • Land starting from 600m2

    Záhorské Sady adds several property developments up to 1,000 square meters in area with plots at least 23 meters wide.

  • Gated neighbourhood

    Controlled access to the neighbourhood provides residents with complete privacy and security for the entire area. Continuous security service and CCTV cameras prevent uninvited guests from moving about.