Nová Terasa

New Terrace is a residential project located near the historic center of Košice that is bringing modern architecture to the city.

The project will be implemented in several stages, the first stage was completed in 2013 with 165 apartments. The second phase has started in 2015 and includes 216 apartments and 48 terraced houses. New Terrace was nominated for awards in several prestigious events, such as CE-ZA-AR, CIJ Awards Slovakia and the ARCH Prize.

The foremost feature in the design created by Vallo - Sadovský Architects is not just the modern architecture with a diverse typology of apartments, but also a certain community in how the blocks join with each other to create an atrium full of green and a relaxation zone intended for leisure use by residents.

  • Sektor Nieruchomości
  • Architekt Vallo Sadovsky Architects
  • Typ Residential
  • Lokacja Słowacja, Košice
  • Status Faza budowy
Strony projektu
  • 48 terraced houses

    Besides 216 new apartments, New Terrace’s second phase also offers terraced houses with high-quality designs.

  • Nominated for CE-ZA-AR

    The project was as 2014 Residential Unit of the Year at the renowned CE-ZA-AR architectural competition.

  • 2 children's playgrounds

    In addition to commercial space suitable for locating additional services for residents, the project also envisages families with small children.