MediClinic is a primary healthcare provider, founded by Penta, spread out across the whole Czech Republic, with over 110 units contracted as of today. 90 % of the units are composed of general practitioners (GP’s), 10 % are outpatient specialists.

Penta set a successful model of acquisition of individual units with revenues/cost synergies and excellent unit's profitability.
In 2011 it continued with an expansion through acquisitions of existing outpatient clinics (Bioregena, Mediconet).
MediClinic has created a unique position to customers by establishing special terms and business conditions through "managed care" programs with insurance companies.

  • Firma MediClinic, a.s.
  • Sektor Opieki zdrowotnej
  • Pracowników 40
  • Rok 2008–2013
  • Lokacja Czechy, Prague
  • Status Zakończony
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