Bory Mall

The new Bory Mall commercial and entertainment center is located between Lamač and Devínská Nová Ves and features a modern concept aimed at families. Visitors have a choice of 196 shops, restaurants and coffee houses in an area of over 54,000 square meters and can select both known and completely new brands.

Bory Mall provides a balanced mix of shopping, entertainment and services where visitors can comfortably park at more than 2,400 parking places. In 2015, Bory Mall added an outside children’s amusement park and a modern CINEMAX 12-screen multiplex and unique IMAX technology to enrich the center in the evening.

Besides shopping opportunities, the center offers visitors exceptional architectural elements produced by world-famous Italian architect Massimiliano Fuksas. Daylight enters inside through 162 built-in skylights that along with spacious passages provide the center with an airiness. This feeling is also enhanced by the Tornado Garden directly in the heart of the center.

  • Sektor Nieruchomości
  • Architekt Massimiliano Fuksas
  • Typ Retail
  • Lokacja Słowacja, Bratislava
  • Status Zakończony
Strony projektu
  • More than 190 shops

    Bory Mall offers a balanced mix of shopping, entertainment and services.

  • "Tornado" garden

    The central garden was quoted in the words of a world-famous architect to be “unique”.

  • 12 screens

    In 2015, a modern CINEMAX multiplex will come to the center with unique IMAX technology.