Zdeněk Kubát

Zdeněk has been with Penta since 2002 and was instrumental in the founding of its Prague office. Prior to his engagement in Penta, Zdeněk had a series of leading positions in Czech investment funds. It was under Zdeněk's leadership that Penta successfully competed in tenders called by the Czech Consolidation Agency; and this success was the basis for Penta becoming one of the largest investors in the segment of non-performing loans in the Czech market.

Between 2005 and 2007 Zdeněk was involved in the successful purchase of 75 hectares of land for the planned building of a new Prague airport runway. In 2008, following lengthy negotiations, Penta agreed to sell the land to Prague Airport.

Zdeněk is currently in charge of the successful restructuring and strategic development of Aero Vodochody, one of the world's oldest manufacturers of military training aircraft and aircraft components. He is also involved in the project to develop an international airport at Vodochody, which has the ambition to become the second airport to serve the capital Prague.

In 2011 Zdeněk introduced a new sector to the Penta portfolio - with the acquisition of AB Facility, Penta has entered the facility management market in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Zdeněk is a graduate of the Faculty of Agronomy in Brno.