Václav Jirků

Václav focuses on healthcare and retail investments in Penta. Having worked for 9 years as a physician, he has a valuable inside knowledge of the sector. He develops new investment opportunities and actively manages the current healthcare portfolio of Penta in all markets.

Václav joined Penta in 2007. He was instrumental in a number of acquisitions by Penta during this period as a member of several successful project teams, and in 2011 became investment director responsible for heading these teams.

He is currently leading the consolidation and expansion of the Dr. Max pharmacy chain in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. This is one of the most successful projects in Penta portfolio, as the Dr. Max chain is the market leader in both the Czech and Slovak markets as well as one of the largest independent pharmacy chains in Poland.

Václav is highly engaged in the expansion of Svet Zdravia, chains of regional hospitals in Slovakia, where Penta has a long-term strategic focus and aims to create market leaders by market share in each local market, preferably Slovakia, Czech Republic and Poland.

His healthcare portfolio also includes the business development of ProCare, an outpatient clinics network in Slovakia. Václav was one of the leading person in Penta team managing successful exit from Alpha Medical laboratory chains to Mid Europa Partners. 

Václav graduated in medicine from Charles University in Prague.

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