Tomáš Laštovka

Tomáš became the CEO of Penta Real Estate in September 2018. He is overseeing all of Penta‘s development activities in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland as well as being responsible for future expansion to new markets.

Tomáš has extensive real estate development experience. He was part of the BB Centrum project and was responsible for the Pankrácká Pláň project (City Tower, Arkády Pankrác, City Empiria, City Point) in Prague. He joined Penta after being an executive director of the PPF Group’s real estate division, where he was solely responsible for the Group’s real estate development projects in the Russian Federation.

Mr. Laštovka graduated from the Czech Technical University (ČVUT) in Prague, majoring in Economics and Management and also studied Real Estate and Urban Planning at universities in the UK and US.

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